Singapore – one step ahead of the game


In March 2014, the Singapore government launched the One Million KG Challenge , a national incentive-based weight management programme aimed to motivate and support Singapore residents between the ages of 18 and 64 who meet certain criteria to achieve and manage a healthy body weight, and as a nation lose one million kilogrammes by 2016.


Childhood obesity, schools and spas


Our next series of posts will be focusing on the positive impact that spas can play in the general wellbeing of a society. Considering the first most important step is to ensure that our future generation is healthy, this article explores the current epidemic of childhood obesity and the role of spas in educating the next generation on how to lead healthier lifestyles.

If spas adapt their business models (from one that is purely profit orientated to one that is more focused on client benefit) and tap into new markets and look beyond the stereotypical ‘luxury’ client profile, the current epidemic of childhood obesity may be a new business opportunity for our industry. Seizing this opportunity will also show the capacity of our industry to be more innovative and imaginative in our service offering and ability to explore new customer segments.


Emerging markets in the spa industry: India


This week, we will resume the topic of the emerging markets in Asia and take a closer look at the strategies for growth and development in the Indian spa industry. Earlier this month, the Global Spa and Wellness Summit was held in New Delhi, a sign that clearly points out the potential this market promises to the region.

In a recent article in, Liz Terry reviewed the main opportunities and challenges of the Indian spa market, based on the report by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the Indian wellness economy, Imperatives for growth: the wellness industry.