How to develop your spa concept – Part 2


Last week, we looked at a series of tips that we can take from other industries, such as the restaurant and hotel industries, that have successfully developed their quality of optimizing guest experiences within their businesses.

This week, we will continue with the next 5 tips on how to develop your spa´s concept, using as a base contributions from experts from other more mature industries.


How to develop your spa concept – Part 1


In matters related to personal services, innovation and a well-designed concept are the key to a successful business. The spa industry is no exception. Many times spas are built without taking into consideration the importance of creating a robust and clear concept. In fact, in majority of the cases, the spa concept is actually developed after the spa has been built! Hence most spa businesses fail during the first few years of operation.


How to open a spa: Part 8 – The opening


We are now in the final step of the ‘pre-opening’ phase and at the beginning of a whole new set of challenges. The success of this stage normally depends on how well the pre-opening phase has been orchestrated, right from the conceptual design through to the pre-opening training and generating the right buzz about your new business. In the following lines, we will discuss how to keep your expectations real during this stage and what kinds of things you need to do in order to fine tune operations before your potential clients arrive to your new business. Let’s take a look.