Our training is designed to equip you and/or your team with the vital techniques, knowledge, and skills to run a profitable, healthy business. We offer training for both individuals and businesses.

Spa management training

Whether you are a therapist, receptionist, trainer, or run a wellness centre, own a spa or coordinate a beauty centre, our training will provide you with the skills to dramatically improve your knowledge of managing a spa and the performance of your business. Combining theory with case studies, the training covers five crucial aspects of management: Financial projections, revenue optimisation strategies, treatment menu engineering, developing standard operative procedures, and effective team leadership.

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Training for spas

Our interactive training has an operational focus and is designed to be immediately applicable. Your team will acquire the skills and competencies to manage dynamically, enabling them to quickly address and solve the day-to-day challenges of the business. The thinking behind our training is simple, but effective: if your employees perform optimally, your business will too.

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