How to open a spa: Part 4 – Writing of the treatment and services menu


This month, we will continue to cover the different steps one needs to take when opening a spa from start to finish. Once you have designed and activated the Critical Path Method (CPM) of your project, it is time to start thinking about the kinds of treatments and services you want to offer to your clients. In the following lines, we will discuss the art of writing the treatment & services menu of your future spa.


Hotel Spas and the Implementation of Inhouse Guest Capture Rate Activities


This week, we are sharing additional marketing tips and insights. In our previous posts, our marketing discussion was focused on the bigger picture and trying to understand and reach out to our potential consumer. The next two posts will be dedicated to seeing how we can entice clients to come to our spa once we have managed to reach out to them and capture their attention.

This post is dedicated to spas in hotels where spa managers are constantly under pressure to increase their hotel guest capture rate. That said, in the following lines we will discuss some sales activities that hotel spas can actively carry out in order to improve their capture rate.


Spas and Treatment Menu Engineering

Creating the right menu for your customers is an essential ingredient of the success surrounding any spa. Menu engineering is the art of implementing such a menu. This post takes into consideration some of the insights shared by Katie Barnes in a recent article published on The following post introduces the development, basic principles and best practices behind menu engineering.