Revisiting the Spa Concept


Should the spa industry get rid of the word spa? This challenging question, which ignited a very interesting discussion on The Weekender, the blog for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit, is the one we would like to address in the following lines. The idea of shaking the foundations that have shaped our core business is definitely a thought provoking issue and something we think is extremely interesting to share with you.

That said, we would like to share in this article some of the different arguments in favour and against this idea. While doing this, we will also share with you our own perception of the issue, which relies on the fundamental task of asking additional questions and facing this argument in a comprehensive way that focuses on what the consumer wants.


Spa Management and the Challenge of Finding the Right Professionals


Providing your spa with good management is a critical element that makes a difference between successful and failed businesses. Because of its crucial role, our first two posts of this month will be focusing on the challenges spa management poses to our industry and the options we have to overcome them.

This week, we will discuss some of these challenges, which we believe many spa owners can relate to. In particular, we will take a look at the current shortage of human capital and the related training problem responsible for provoking this lack of professional skills in the market.

In order to do this, we are using as a reference document the 2012 Spa Management Workforce & Education report elaborated by SRI International (founded as Stanford Research Institute) in agreement with the Global Spa & Wellness Summit. We think it is important to share with you some of the most relevant findings that came out from this interesting project.