Emerging markets in the spa industry: China


In the next two posts, we would like to take a deeper look into the opportunities that two Asian giants offer the spa industry: China and India. We would like to start this week’s post by exploring the opportunities the rapidly growing Chinese spa industry promises.

In a previous article we touched upon the subject of the great business opportunity that the growing outbound Chinese tourism presented to the spa industry.  In today’s post we would like to go a step further and talk about a recent article published in spa business.com, titled Moving target, where Leonor Stanton analyses the results of the McKinsey report – Luxury Without Borders: China’s New Class of Shoppers Take on the World, which talks about the increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumer and their purchasing habits in terms of luxury goods and products, and the major challenges that today’s luxury brands face. As Stanton states, “while the report isn’t directly focused on spas, it outlines some interesting parallels for any operator in the luxury business”.


Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy for your Spa



In previous posts, we have stressed the importance of bringing effective marketing into our industry. We would like to share with you some useful insights regarding this topic in our first two posts of this month. This week, we will take a look at the changing approaches that are shaping marketing strategies nowadays.

In order to discuss this, we are using as a reference document an article from the McKinsey & Company website entitled Winning the consumer decision journey, a very interesting piece based on significant quality research and written by David Court, Dave Elzinga, Susan Mulder, and Ole Jørgen Vetvik.