Consulting Services in the Spa Industry: An Ethical Dilemma


One of the biggest problems facing the spa industry today has to do with the quality of consulting services available in the market. There are several reasons for this. However, the recent explosion of consulting services provided by spa product and spa equipment suppliers is worsening the problem.

These services are not only providing the industry with poor spa management training but are also posing a conflict of interest towards clients to whom these services are being offered. This challenge provides the spa industry with an important dilemma: Is it really ethical for these providers to enter into unchartered territories just for the sake of selling their products?



New Model of Revenue Management for Spas: Lessons from the Hotel Sector


In terms of yield management and optimizing revenue, there is a lot the spa industry can learn from the hotel industry. In fact, thanks to the similar complexity that goes along with the management of pricing and rate levels for hotels and spas, the new customer-oriented approach taken by the hotel industry looks like the ideal path to follow for the spa industry.


The Management Assistance Contract: A Multi-Faceted Solution – Part 2


In the previous post, we discussed the different types of management contracts, defined the management assistance contract, and talked about the ideal situation and the most common trap in the business, it is time to move to the second entry. In this entry, we will discuss how a management assistance contract can help you and which formula can be mutually beneficial for the hotelier or the owner as well as for the operator.