Spa Balance

19. Navigation – How to Ensure You Stay the Course with Your Wellness Concept

In today’s episode, I talk about the most difficult stage of your wellness business: staying the course. 

In the first two stages, Expectation and Story, I showed you how to create the best wellness concept for your hotel, one that considers what you as a hotelier want to offer and what your clients want to experience. In System and Execution, I showed you how to implement your wellness concept in the most effective way for your guests and your staff. We worked on creating your special way of doing wellness and we found, hired, trained and retained the ordinary people who deliver extraordinary results without breaking our budget.

The next stages – Navigation and Consistency –  we ensure you are aligned with your big-picture goal and continue to deliver the landmark experiences consistently. 
Today, I delve into the Navigation – how to stay the course when it comes to your big picture.

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