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23. The Hotelier’s Lens – Where Hospitality Meets Wellness with Riaan Drever

The leisure segment has been paving its way forward in the last couple of years. And a key element of this has been been traveller’s desire to look for experiences that enhance their overall wellbeing.

Today I’d like love to share an interview with a wonderful, seasoned and incredibly generous hotelier: Riaan Drever.

Just to give a little context on my very special guest, Riaan was one of the beta readers of my book, The Wellness Asset, and his insights were priceless.

It was with great pleasure that I had Riaan join in my first virtual summit, The Wellness in Hospitality Spotlight.

In this chat, we explore how wellness can greatly contribute to a hotel’s P&L, particularly in terms of seasonality. Offering integrated wellness offerings within the hotel experience allows hotels to tap into a more discerning traveller that travels low season and wants to consume premium services (and they’re willing to pay for it).

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