Spa Balance

26. Engagement: How to Create a Committed and Loyal Client Base that Actively Engages with your Brand

In today’s episode, I’d like to talk about the last stage of my ESSENCE model – Engagement. Engagement is about how to create a committed and loyal client base that actively engages with your brand, not because you asked the guests you knew were happy with their stay to do so, but because they genuinely want to.

To recap from previous episodes on the different stages of the ESSENCE model, in the first two stages, Expectation and Story, I showed you how to create the best wellness concept for your hotel, one that considers what you as a hotelier or wellness leader wants to offer and what your clients want to experience. In System and Execution, I showed you how to implement your wellness concept in the most effective way for your guests and your staff. We worked on creating your special way of doing wellness and we found, hired, trained and retained the ordinary people who will deliver extraordinary results without breaking our budget.

We then entered the Iteration phases of Navigation and Consistency. Navigation was about ensuring you stay the course with your big picture goals. And in the previous stage of Consistency, we ensured you continued to consistently deliver the remarkable wellness experiences you promised your guests. Today, I delve into the last and final stage of the Engagement – how you can create a committed and loyal customer base that actively engages with your brand.

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