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30. The Role of Wellness in Low Season Travel with Ged Brown

Today, I delve into the pivotal role of wellness within off-peak travel periods. As wellness leaders, we understand its significance in mitigating seasonal fluctuations for hotels in specific destinations. While travel trends evolve, the human desire for exploration and revitalisation remains constant.

In this enlightening conversation, I speak with Ged Brown, a wonderful person and incredibly experienced leader in travel, tourism, and aviation. I love how he delves into the dynamic relationship between travel, wellness, and technology, and how these elements intersect to enhance our lives.

Ged, the visionary founder of ‘The Low Seasoned Traveller,’ shares invaluable insights. Explore his podcast, Low Season Traveller, where he engages remarkable hoteliers discussing the promotion of off-peak travel. These are the explorers and adventurers, seeking meaningful connections with local communities, culture, and authentic experiences.

Join me as Ged elaborates on why hoteliers are now targeting these travellers, their aspirations, and their desire to explore places during quieter periods. Without further delay, here’s the captivating interview with Ged Brown.

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