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56. Masterclass Preview – My Top 3 Secrets to Profitable Wellness Assets

Harsh truths: 

→ More than 90% of luxury hoteliers report never recouping their investment from the initial cost of build of their entire wellness-related offering. 

→ Less than 1% of wellness leaders become hotel GMs. 

It is no surprise then that most wellness offerings in hotels represent a meagre 1-3% of total hotel revenue. 

If less than 1% of wellness leaders occupy key decision-making positions in hotels, how can we expect wellness to be a strong revenue and value contributor? 

If those who truly understand the business of wellness don’t have power of decision on how their business is positioned, marketed and managed, how can we expect owners to get their return on investment from the initial cost of build of these complex facilities? 

The only way we can get wellness to move from 1-3% to 30-40% of total hotel revenue (across the board), is to ensure we have wellness leaders who are qualified enough to take on the key positions in hotels. 

In today’s episode, I talk about my upcoming masterclasses on how wellness leaders can create profitable wellness assets, so they can elevate their income, impact and influence.

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