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57. We Aren’t In The Business Of Selling Massages, Treatments And Products

Have you ever stopped to think what business we are in?

Whenever I speak with hoteliers and wellness leaders, even though it is evident that they truly believe in the impact of wellness, when it comes to crunch time, that is managing their businesses and reaching budget, they slip into automatic pilot mode.

They fall into the trap of thinking they sell massages, treatments and products.

They build their entire wellness offering around creating a treatment menu that has the best therapies and techniques.

They think that creating amazing treatments and services and working with the best brands is what sells.

They think THAT is what their guests come to buy – the massage, facial or anti-ageing cream.

When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our guests don’t buy the massage, facial or product.

They buy the SOLUTION to their problem.

They buy the transformation they think they’ll have by buying that treatment, service or product.

This is basic consumer behaviour principles. We, consumers, buy the solution, not the product.

To reference the common example used by sales and marketing strategists, we don’t buy the drill, we buy the hole we need in the wall to hang that painting, mirror or picture.

We buy the beautiful wall that transforms our living room, bedroom or studio.

We buy that transformation in our lives as a result of that beautiful wall.

It’s no different for our guests.

They aren’t buying that treatment or product.

They’re buying how they’ll look and feel at the end.

They’re buying their enhanced overall wellbeing.

In today’s episode, I delve deeper into the concept of the transformation that our guests are looking to buy, and how wellness and hospitality leaders can focus their wellness offering to deliver that transformation.

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