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58. How Can We Tackle The Talent Shortage In Wellness With Bobby Griffiths

Before diving into today’s episode, I’m thrilled to announce the collaboration between the UK Spa Association and my signature programme, The Wellness Asset Academy.

Our spa and wellness industry has always struggled with education. 

There’s no straightforward way to tackle the disconnect between wellness businesses, educational organisations, and the role of not-for-profit organizations like the UK Spa Association.

What is clear is that training and education are important pillars for the future of any industry.

Today, our industry struggles to find the right talent, and once we do, we face challenges in retaining that talent. 

Many factors contribute to this situation, including:

1.    Low wages

2.    Poor career progression

3.    Work-life balance

4.    Recognition

These issues make it difficult for our leaders to see a bright future in our industry, often hitting a crystal ceiling too soon and feeling the need to move on.

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Bobby Griffiths, the General Manager of the UK Spa Association, to gain her valuable insights on this subject. 

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