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59. The Difference Between The Right Wellness Concept & A Wellness Asset

What is the difference between the RIGHT wellness concept for a particular property and a wellness ASSET?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I use the terms “the right, most profitable wellness offering” and “the wellness asset”.

When I take my wellness leaders through both my signature programme, The Wellness Asset Academy and my mentorship programme, Asset Builder, I help them understand the difference between the right wellness concept and the wellness asset so that they can better advise their hospitality colleagues or their owners.

When we don’t understand the difference, we end up using both terms interchangeably and as a consequence, we run the risk of getting our hotelier colleagues to bet on the wrong horse.

In today’s episode, I will delve deeper into how I define both terms: the right wellness concept for a particular property, and a wellness asset, so you can avoid making the mistake most wellness leaders make.

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