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61. The Danger Of Designing Your Wellness Concept Around An Individual Service

What happens when you design your wellness concept around an individual service?

Today, I’m going to address the one of the most dangerous mistakes wellness and hospitality leaders make with their wellness concept, and in turn the design of their entire wellness facility.

That is: designing your wellness concept based on an individual service.

I see this happen time and again in the industry, and this is one of the reasons why we have wellness offerings that aren’t commercially sustainable in the long run.

So, how does this mistake show up in your business?

This is what I normally see:

1.    The wellness or hospitality leader sees a treatment, piece of equipment, service or technology they love (for example: the traditional hammam experience).

2.    They think it’s amazing and want to have it in their wellness facility.

3.    So, they design the entire concept based on that particular treatment.

4.    The end result: with time, the treatment becomes obsolete, and so does their entire offering

In today’s episode, I delve deeper into why designing your wellness concept and even worse, your entire wellness facility, around one treatment leads us down unhelpful paths. I also discuss how you can avoid falling into this dangerous trap.

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