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62. The Myth that Wellness Takes Too Long to Yield ROI

Does wellness really have such a long incubation period?

Does it really take so long to see your return on investment?

Today, I’d like to throw a curveball out there and challenge this ageold assumption we carry around with us in the wellness industry.

Here is what I have preached (and in some cases, still do):

That wellness takes time.

We’re dealing with people’s wellbeing, and as both wellbeing (the ultimate goal or destination) and wellness (the toolbox or vehicle that gets us to the destination) are highly personal and in constant change, it is not always realistic to swift results – in other words, a quick return on investment or ROI.

In today’s episode, I delve deeper into how I’ve learned that this isn’t always the case. You CAN get swift returns on investment with wellness, it just depends on HOW you choose to do wellness. Do you go all in with the full-blown concept, or do you start small, get your proof of concept and then jump into a larger investment?

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