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63. The Wellness in Hospitality Spotlight

It’s that special time of the year for my Wellness and Hospitality Spotlight, taking place on the 11th and 12th of July 2024.

For those new to following me, here’s a brief back story.

In 2020, while researching for my book, The Wellness Asset, I began interviewing hoteliers worldwide to understand their approaches to wellness, their challenges, and their successes. These interviews were initially shared on LinkedIn and evolved into the Wellness in Hospitality interview series, where I highlight insights from various hospitality professionals weekly.

In 2023, I expanded this series into a virtual wellness summit, the Wellness in Hospitality Spotlight. This summit features handpicked hospitality leaders who have made significant impacts in their niches through wellness. My aim is to provide tools and insights for those looking to create wellness retreats or boutique hotels with a strong wellness focus.

Last year, the spotlight theme was on wellness transforming from a mere hotel amenity to a key element of the guest and employee experience. This year, we explore how wellness has become a timeless, integral part of the hotel’s entire ecosystem. Joining me again is Heleri Rande, who has helped me select our inspiring speakers.

During our preparation, we identified two constants:

  1. Wellness is here to stay.
  2. We live in disruptive times, where what worked years ago may not work today and vice versa.

There’s no universal playbook. Success varies by location and property. Surprisingly, what didn’t work before might work now with some tweaks. Revisiting last year’s sessions, we found many insights still relevant today—people, community, sustainability, our impact, and legacy.

Today, I want to share Heleri’s wrap-up of the speakers from Day 1 of last year’s spotlight. These speakers provided a glimpse into the challenges and successes of integrating wellness into their businesses, and these topics are still pertinent today.

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