Spa Balance

64. How to Turn your Boutique Hotel into a Lucrative & Responsible Wellness Destination

Tired of the traditional definition of luxury?

You’ve seen it before: glass hotels with marble lobbies, 5-star restaurants serving gourmet dishes, grand spas, gold taps and uniform service with scripted greetings. 

As the owner of a small, boutique hotel…

You don’t resonate with the hospitality of traditional luxury hotel chains.

You believe true luxury is about allowing guests to reconnect with themselves through:

→ Eating wholesome food

→ Discovering the local culture

→ Inviting guests to your “home” and sharing your lifestyle

→ Learning your healing traditions

→ Regenerating your environment

→ Giving back to the community and the land

This is luxury.


This is the legacy you want to craft.


You don’t know where to start.

You have no idea how to make your vision a reality.

You want to become a steward of responsible hospitality in your destination. 

If this sounds familiar, then my upcoming Wellness in Hospitality Spotlight is a must-watch for you.

In this episode, I delve into how you can turn your wellness vision into reality. I share real-life examples of key impact leaders with a strong wellbeing focus and what they are doing that is working, as well as those initiatives that aren’t working, and what they’re doing differently to navigate past these challenges, so you can draw inspiration from the success stories and shy away from their mistakes.

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