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9. The Wellness/Hospitality Paradox That No-one Seems To Do Anything About with Andrea Quagliata

“The paradox is that hospitality and wellness are on their own all about the very things that make life grand, they are holistic, they are about spirit, they are about us and yet their brands are shallow shells that rely on tropes established long ago and since repeated over and over again, revealing nothing new”. – Andrea Quagliata

People have travelled for millennia to regenerate themselves, connect with other cultures and to experience new horizons. I have always thought that there is tremendous power at the intersection between hospitality and wellness. No other intersection of two industries has such power to profoundly and positively impact people.    

When they are thoughtfully combined, the potential of these two industries to touch people in a truly unique and authentic way is immense. When we thoughtfully and meaningfully consider wellness within all our guest experiences, that is when the magic happens.

There is no better way of making a personal connection than allowing someone into your home and your world– letting them connect with the surroundings, discover new places, cultures, people, food, healing traditions and ways of living, and experience different realities.

Yet, rarely do we express the magic that happens in our hotels. 

In today’s episode, I’d like to share the full interview with Andrea Quagliata, a true artist and strategist who helps brands communicate with their audience in an authentic way, and ask him where we’re going wrong. Fantastic insights – genuine, real and disruptive. 

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