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Wellness in Hospitality – Interview with David Ryan

“The younger generation, the 20-year-olds, they have no fear. So, I really think the future [of] wellness rests on that generation, kind of working through nutrition and working on mindfulness. They love the idea of meditation, they love talking about being at peace with themselves and taking a moment.” David Ryan

Wellness In Hospitality – Interview With Antonio Pereira da Rosa

“I’m sure 95% of hotels work to the best of their abilities to provide the best possible service within this context. And, for me, that’s the secret, [And] it will bring more guest loyalty because you create a lot of empathy, you’re sharing common concerns with your guests.” Antonio Pereira da Rosa

Wellness in Hospitality – Interview with Klaus Spiekermann

“For me, it’s always important to say, who will take over tomorrow if I’m not there anymore. And that’s why I’m not somebody who keeps [the] knowledge to myself just to make myself indispensable and important. I’d like to pass it on…” Klaus Spiekermann

Wellness in Hospitality – Interview with Riaan Drever

“We’re definitely going to deal with a range of personalities. But again, [in] hospitality, we’ve been dealing with different personalities throughout our career. It is how we [are] going to handle those particular guests that probably is going to be the winner.” Riaan Drever