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51. Do We Really Need To Make Our Wellness Businesses So Complicated?

Today I’d like to talk about something I’ve noticed we wellness leaders do with our businesses, probably without realising, and that is complicating our businesses more than we need to.

As wellness leaders, we get stuck in the weeds of our business, where we think we’re the mini-GM of our area (we must lead our teams, carry out HR functions, look after the sales and marketing of our offering, cover reception and in others also jumping in and performing a treatment).

And on top of all the different hats we wear, we also have several different specialisations within our already niche business – and we have to manage them all.

Now, there is no doubt that wellness is a complex business. We’re diverse. We’re multi-faceted. We’re nuanced – we have our own pecularities.

That said, is it really necessary to make our wellness businesses so complicated?

Can we imagine our complex business also being simple?

Because when we make our business appear as complicated, the results we end up creating are very different from those we want to. We:

1.    Set ourselves and our team’s up for failure because we’re overwhelmed.

2.    We confuse our clients,

3.    And we further perpetuate the image of wellness being that complicated department that is better subcontracted to a third-party operator.

Join me in today’s episode as I delve deeper into the subject of simplicity.

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