Spa Balance

So you have been promoted to spa manager, now what?

  Throughout this series, we have pointed out one of the greatest challenges in the spa industry: the lack of sufficiently qualified managers. As the industry grows, so does the need for the right managers to promote a healthy bottom line for spa owners and investors. In our previous article, we talked about the qualities […]

What is the reality of our spa management workforce and its educational needs?

  In today’s post, we’d like to address the more theoretical aspect of education within the spa industry. A report, commissioned by GSWS and conducted by SRI International, Spa Management Workforce & Education: Addressing Market Gaps is our focus. Spa management professionals are hard to find. With the growing global wellness tourism economy, the number […]

Spa Management and the Building of Good Talent within your Team

  In our previous post, we introduced the current challenges our industry is facing in terms of spa management. This week, we are sharing with you some of the actions we can implement in order to deal with these challenges. Just like our previous post, the following insights are based on the findings provided by […]

Spa Management and the Challenge of Finding the Right Professionals

  Providing your spa with good management is a critical element that makes a difference between successful and failed businesses. Because of its crucial role, our first two posts of this month will be focusing on the challenges spa management poses to our industry and the options we have to overcome them. This week, we […]