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42. Wellness Business Mastery – Rethinking Success, Moving Beyond The GM

🎉 🔊 Launching The Wellness Asset Academy! 🎉 🔊 
 It’s the final countdown! I can’t believe that in just 1 days’ time (Monday 5th February 2024), I’ll be going live with the round of my brand new online programme – The Wellness Asset Academy! 
 In this first round, my 3 key messages to all wellness leaders in hospitality are: 
 1. If we feel that we’re hospitality’s lowest-paid specialist leader, then there’s a reason for it. We aren’t the ‘victims’ of this ‘situation’ that we think ‘has happened’ to us. We are, as harsh as might sound, the co-creators of it. 
 2. We wellness leaders have far more power over the success of our wellness offering than we can even imagine. Hiding behind our story of feeling like the most neglected department clouds our judgement. What if we stopped to think about the following? If our GMs hired us as the wellness leader in the first place, then surely, in some remote part of their mind, they DO believe in wellness (in some shape, way or form). 
 3. If we want something to change, then WE’RE going to have to change something. We really do have a choice (some tough love from my side): 
 👉  Continue to do wellness the way we have always done (and stay at 1-3% of total hotel revenue – and hence continue our ageold complaints), 
 👉  Take ownership and really take wellness to the next level – that 30-40% of total hotel revenue. Because honestly, there’s nothing stopping us to get there. 
 What is clear, nothing changes if nothing changes. Period.

In today’s episode, I’d like to share a clip of the live masterclass I have been hosting at this week at different times, on How To Consistently Create The Right Wellness Concept: Why Your Wellness Offering’s Success Has Nothing To Do With The Hotel GM. The energy was great and we covered some thought-provoking insights. So, for those of you didn’t get a chance to attend (or didn’t know I was hosting these live masterclasses), I’d love for you to get a chance to learn from me.

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