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Spa Management and the Challenge of Finding the Right Professionals

  Providing your spa with good management is a critical element that makes a difference between successful and failed businesses. Because of its crucial role, our first two posts of this month will be focusing on the challenges spa management poses to our industry and the options we have to overcome them. This week, we […]

How Important are the Brands of Product House Companies in a Spa Operation?

Considering the enormous amount of attention that hoteliers, spa owners, managers and directors pay to the brand of a product house, we as spa consultants are constantly faced with the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of a product brand. While the product brand you use is an integral part of the spa, the bottom line […]

Spas and the Treatment of Patients with Cancer

  Over the last years, the spa industry has experienced a strong change regarding the way it implements its service offerings. Treatments for patients suffering from cancer are only one approach the spa industry has been considering as an additional option for expanding its services. Although there are still many obstacles to overcome in order […]

The Management Assistance Contract: A Multi-Faceted Solution – Part 2

  In the previous post, we discussed the different types of management contracts, defined the management assistance contract, and talked about the ideal situation and the most common trap in the business, it is time to move to the second entry. In this entry, we will discuss how a management assistance contract can help you […]

The Management Assistance Contract: A Multi-Faceted Solution – Part 1

  Due to the large variety of management contracts out there, choosing the right one for your spa can be a challenging task. In the following two post entries, we will explain the different types of contracts that are being used in the market. More importantly, we will try to provide you with a better […]

Estrategias Correctivas para los Spas en Crisis – Parte 9: La competencia (Español)

  Aunque para tener un negocio propio se necesita mucha confianza en sí mismo además de la convicción de tener el mejor producto del mercado, no debemos cerrar los ojos ante una competencia cada vez más fuerte quién probablemente piensa de la misma manera sobre su negocio. Es importante que nunca subestimemos  la competencia sino […]