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45. The All Or Nothing Approach To Our Wellness Offerings

¿Le suena familiar?

A treatment isn’t selling, hence we write that treatment off as one that isn’t good.

A brand isn’t selling as well as we expected, hence we think it isn’t good and instead we find another brand to replace it.

You wellness offering isn’t working, hence the leader isn’t good enough, so we change the leader.

And, hopefully, once we get rid off the things that we think aren’t working, we should have a wildly successful wellness offering.

Except, we all know that that simply isn’t the case. We always end up where we started.

Now, let’s look at the converse scenario.

A treatment is selling like hot potatoes, hence it’s amazing! There’s nothing we can do better!

A brand is loved by both your guests and teams, so it’s amazing! There’s no other brand like it.

Your wellness offering is smashing budget, completely exceeding expectations, so we must have the best leader possible.

And, hopefully, we will be in this honeymoon phase forever.

Except, we all know that neither that is simply the case. The honeymoon phase, sadly, dies out eventually.

That, my wellness leader friend, is what I call the “All or Nothing” approach to our wellness offerings.

And that is something I see time and again happen with both our wellness and hospitality leaders. I’m familiar with this approach because, I, too, have adopted this approach. So, I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt on several occasions.

In today’s episode, I’d like to talk about the“All or Nothing” approach we opt for without even realising it. We aren’t aware that we’re falling into the trap of subject decision-making that ultimately clouds our judgement and sets ourselves and our wellness offerings up for failure from the outset.

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