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46. Are You Failing Ahead Of Time With Your Wellness Offering?

Today I’d like to talk about a subject I see many wellness and hospitality leaders fall victim to, and that is failing ahead of time with our wellness offerings.

And I know this because I, too, have fallen victim to this notion, without even realizing it.

So what does failing ahead of time mean?

It basically means that we, intentionally or not, decide to fail ahead of time. We think that wellness simply won’t work, so why even bother. Hence, we don’t even try, and the result we end up living is that we make wellness not work.

But we all know that that doesn’t mean that wellness isn’t doesn’t work. It just means that we have chosen for it to not work, hence it should come as no surprise when wellness doesn’t work because we haven’t done what we are supposed to in order to make it work – or at least try to make it work.

In today’s episode, I’d like to share a clip of a LinkedIn Live session where I delve further in the notion of failing ahead of time and how that impacts our business – not only today, but well into the future. Because when we decide to fail ahead of time, it might feel easier and safer, but what we end up doing is creating even bigger problems in the future. If we aren’t trying new things, if we aren’t actively learning through our mistakes and failures, we aren’t evolving; we aren’t meeting the ever-changing needs of our guests. And when we fail to solve our guests’ wellbeing related problems, we become obsolete.

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