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How to drive more business to your resort spa

  In a previous article How to drive more business to your urban hotel spa, we explored how urban hotel spas could overcome the unique challenges they face. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at resort spas.     En un artículo anterior Cómo impulsar su negocio de spa en un hotel urbano, […]

How to drive business to your urban hotel spa

  Hotel spas, from urban hotel spas to resort spas, enjoy various perks that other spas do not. They have a client base of hotel guests right at their doorstep, the opportunity to tap into their hotel’s resources (Finance, Marketing, Housekeeping, Engineering, to mention just a few), and the ability to reach out for support […]

Spa and wellness everywhere: A new way of living

  Since we started our blog, we have extensively talked about how the spa industry is moving away from the idea of luxury and comfort in favour of a new business strategy focused on wellness and health. This week, we would like to further discuss this idea by taking a look at some of the […]

5 Way Hotel Spas Can Seize External Guests

  In our previous post, we introduced some of the sales activities that hotel spas can implement in order to improve their capture rate activities. This week, we are sharing additional ideas that can help these hotel spas to tap into the local market. The following five tips provide a guide on how to reach […]

Hotel Spas and the Implementation of Inhouse Guest Capture Rate Activities

  This week, we are sharing additional marketing tips and insights. In our previous posts, our marketing discussion was focused on the bigger picture and trying to understand and reach out to our potential consumer. The next two posts will be dedicated to seeing how we can entice clients to come to our spa once […]

Hotel Spas in the Current Economic Downturn

  The financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 has affected all industries across the globe. The spa industry has also suffered the negative effects due to this global downturn. This week, we are offering a general outlook of the way hotel spas have been affected by this crisis and the emerging signs of […]