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48. Wellbeing Unveiled – The Total Human Hospitality Experience

We all know wellbeing is important – we can’t deny it’s intangible value. We know we must look after the wellbeing of both our guests and our people.

But, the question is, can we measure the tangible benefits of enhancing overall wellbeing?

Can we demonstrate that when we consider the total human hospitality experience in every aspect of our business, that we enjoy healthier top and bottom lines?

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Hospitality Track at the ITB in Berlin last week, alongside the amazing Yasemin Oruc and Valentina Clergue. What impressed me about their keynote was how there is a whole body of research on the benefits of wellbeing. These two smart women and their teams have evidence on how enhancing the wellbeing of both our guests and our people (in other words, the total human hospitality experience), has a positive impact long into the future. And there is a science behind it.

In today’s episode, I’d like to share a clip of a LinkedIn Live session where I adapt my keynote speech at the ITB Berlin on how we can demonstrate the value of wellbeing in our businesses. But first, we must shift our perspective and then act. Because if we continue to procrastinate about wellbeing, we will only drift. And drift only goes downwards.

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