Project Skill: Concept Design, Business Plan, Spatial Distribution, Pre-Opening, Training, Management

The challenge:

The hotel was in a remote location with little to do other than visiting wineries, which called for shorter stays, predominantly at weekends. The challenge was to convert the beautifully restored but empty hotel into a profitable business by tripling the average daily rate (ADR) and increasing the average spend per guest through the new wellness concept.

The approach:

We followed the seven principles of the ESSENCE model. We ensured we had the right wellness concept that not only satisfied the owners but also addressed the wellness needs of their ideal guests. We created our special way of doing wellness that differentiated us from the rest (instead of introducing a trending therapy) and found local talent that we successfully trained up to deliver landmark experiences without breaking budget. Six months after opening, we had stayed true to our concept, despite temptation to add the latest gadget, but opted to fine-tune some details to better it. We made mistakes, but we put the right checks in place to avoid repeating them. And finally, we went the extra mile to curate special moments for our guests that they could easily share.

The outcome:

Within the first year of launching the wellness concept, the hotel reached its target of tripling ADR and average spend, and doubling occupancy. It has been rated the best hotel in the Iberian peninsula for several years in a row and enjoys a committed and loyal customer base that actively engages with the brand. The hotel is a landmark in the region and the country, and has changed the way wellness is done in luxury hotels in the Iberian peninsula.