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Work with our boutique consultancy to tap into the full potential of your hotel's wellness offering. Bring in a more discerning guest, build a loyal and committed customer base, attract and retain quality talent and increase profitability, without breaking budget.

The Wellness Asset Book

How wellness can transform and futureproof your hotel

Does this sound familiar?


Hospitality is at a crossroads. The old business model is broken. Much of the income hotels used to rely on has gone, and the hoteliers of the future know this. They aren’t sitting around waiting for the clock to turn back, they see this as an opportunity to strengthen their business.

Whilst some brands and reputations built up over decades are struggling, others are finding new ways to do what they’ve always done: serve their customers.

Although you may see the opportunity, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you currently think of wellness as an amenity or a minor revenue-generating area of your hotel, global wellness expert Sonal Uberoi will shift your mindset and unlock its potential.

In this book, Sonal shows you how to transform your business by embracing and adopting wellness as a core part of your brand. She provides you with the essential tools you’ll need to build the right (and most profitable) wellness concept for your hotel.

You do not need a grand or costly wellness concept to truly stand out. Even the very simple wellness ideas – ideas that aren’t particularly innovative, spectacular or costly – can have tremendous success and be profitable if they’re done right.

How we work - Our wellness solutions

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Wellness Assets

Are you struggling to increase revenue and profits? We’ll run a in-depth audit of your entire wellness offering (spa, gym, food and beverage, rooms, etc.) to identify weak areas and design solutions to maximise performance. We’ll then work out how best to implement these solutions within budget and to an agreed timeframe. We’ve built a strong reputation as a consultancy that gets results.

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Wellness Concepts

Are you considering adding a wellness offering to your hotel? We can take care of every aspect, from concept, feasibility, FFE lists, recruitment training, right to the opening and including post-opening support. With nearly twenty years’ experience across four continents, we know what works – and what doesn’t. We’ve even written a book about how to transform and futureproof your hotel!

TEAM upskilling

Wellness Coaching

Our wellness business coaching packages will equip you with the vital techniques, knowledge and skills to run a profitable, healthy business – and to advance your entire team’s career in the process. Multi-tasking and multi-skilling have become the norm across the board. We designed these packages to your team’s (and ultimately your) life easier to deliver remarkable experiences to your guests.

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Spa Sommelier

Do you prefer to take on a branded spa or wellness offering? Spa Sommelier is our multi-award-winning fusion wellness concept that will help you differentiate your hotel and attract new guests searching for distinct experiences.

An authentic, integrated and memorable experience for your guests. A profitable and award-winning hotel & spa for you.

Optimise your wellness offering's performance with solutions that work

We offer creative solutions and actionable recommendations to hotels that want to improve their wellness offering.

You can rely on us to work closely alongside you, to listen to what you need, and to come up with practical solutions.

We’re a small, highly skilled team that care about delivering the results you need.