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Wellness Business Optimisation

You run your wellness operation - we make it more profitable

Why you might need help with your business optimisation


You want your spa or wellness offering to be more profitable and would benefit from expert advice from a company that understands wellness, hospitality and international business. Spa Balance Consulting was founded by Sonal Uberoi, a top wellness expert who honed her business and finance acumen working in London for the global investment firm Goldman Sachs​


You need expert advice on running spas and wellness facilities in different locations around the globe, because what works in one country or region may not work in another. We have +15 years’ experience of successfully turning around +40 hotel spa and wellness facilities on 4 continents​


You want to understand how to optimise your wellness business by improving workflow, communications between teams and concentrating on the KPIs that really matter. We understand how both hotel spas and wellness facilities as well as standalone ones function and have proven experience in optimising the business process​


Sofitel Luxury Hotels

Sofitel Luxury Hotels turned to Spa Balance’s founding director Sonal Uberoi to spearhead their wellness offering. She oversaw a 36% increase in ASPAC cumulative total wellness revenue and a 62% increase in total profit.

How we work with you

We develop a working partnership with you and your team

We work in partnership with you and your team for a minimum of six months so that we can work towards measurable improvements in your spa or wellness facility’s performance. We get involved in the intricacies of your business as a member of your team, guiding you through the best ways you can maximise revenue. With our wealth of experience improving business performance around the globe, we offer a unique perspective as to what will work in terms of optimising your spa or wellness offering’s performance. However, you are always in control of the project and share with us only relevant information.

We establish and implement practical solutions for your wellness business

We see projects from a realistic growth perspective, so we know what practically can be achieved. All our ideas are based on what we know works, as well as our understanding of the target market for your hotel’s wellness offering. We have the experience, flexibility and business skill to realise what business optimisation strategy will deliver results. We have specially designed our unique ESSENCE model to address the common pitfalls in wellness-related businesses. It is a step-by-step process that shows hoteliers how to build a successful wellness offering – from a rough wellness idea to a profit-generating wellness asset.


Our clients range from international hotel chains to boutique hotels and small standalone spas


Hotel Spas

As a hotel manager or general manager, you know your location and your operation best. As wellness business experts we bring the extra know-how and a dynamic external viewpoint. Together, we transform your wellness offering into a wellness asset.


Standalone Spas

As a spa owner, you are committed to the success of your business but know that you can’t do everything. Let us help. Working in close partnership with you, we’ll use our strong business skills and our in-depth understanding of the spa and wellness industries to make your spa profitable.