Spa Balance

The Wellness Asset

Tap into the asset that holds the most potential in your hotel – wellness

This book will help you to leverage the untapped asset that holds the most potential right in front of you: wellness.

It will:

In this book, Spa Balance’s founding director Sonal Uberoi will show you how to transform your business by embracing and adopting wellness as a core part of your brand. With this shift in mindset, you will maximise the exciting opportunities wellness offers for your hotel.

The ESSENCE model

Your fast-track to profitability

Sonal takes you through her unique ESSENCE methodolgy: a step-by-step process that shows hoteliers how to build a successful wellness offering – from a rough wellness idea to a profit-generating wellness asset.

There are seven key stages needed to make wellness work, irrespective of the type, size and segment of a hotel (new build, refurbishment or already operational). All these stages are pivotal in creating a solid wellness asset. When any of the stages are skipped, you end up with box-standard wellness offerings that underperform, are heavily subsidised, or bleed money.

In this book, Sonal walks you through each stage and shows you how to create wellness offerings that work for your hotel’s reality – wellness offerings that add value to your hotel’s ecosystem without breaking budget or building facilities that become outdated before the investment is recouped, or that are part of brand standard but don’t make business sense in your particular hotel.

Learn new business techniques and take steps right away

This book is your go-to reference for wellness. It is your business playbook that contains the essential tools for you to do wellness successfully in any hotel you’ll work in (even when you leave your current hotel and move to another one).

To show you the true power of wellness to transform your hotel,  Sonal has packed the book full of valuable and practical tips that you can take right away, steps that are simple, effective and inexpensive to implement. 

Bonus #1: The ESSENCE scorecard

How do you know whether you are tapping into the full potential of your wellness offering? Coming from a finance background, Sonal is a firm believer in having measures and metrics. She takes you through her unique scorecard so you get the most meaningful ‘snapshot’ of where you are and where your potential opportunities lie.

Bonus #2: The Wellness Business Essentials Toolkit

Don’t have time to get into minutia? Sonal has created a toolkit with all the templates and worksheets (16 of them in total!) that you and your team will need so that you can focus on the big-picture things.


Learn from the gamechangers

Lessons from Greggs’ and the soar- away success with their vegan sausage roll. In this case study we show you how a marginal product turned around a traditional business.

Greggs, a regular mass-market bakery, recognised the increasing number of vegans in the UK and created a product to attract this discerning, environmentally aware and wellbeing-conscious customer, without losing the essence of the company brand.

Greggs’s vegan sausage roll sat so well alongside its more traditional products that non-vegans wanted to try it. The company’s turnover and profits soared, contributing to a year-on-year sales increase of 13.5%.

Save time & money down the line

Minimise the risk of delays and overspend by knowing what to expect and what to plan for

Learn new business techniques that will transform your hotel by putting wellness at the core

Learn practical tips from leading global wellness expert Sonal Uberoi

Level up your and your team's skills so your hotel can stand out from the crowd