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Wellness Business Optimisation for Hotels

Wellness in hotels should be profitable - we work with you to make this happen

Why you need a business optimisation specialist

As a hotel general manager, you know your location and your operation best. As wellness business experts, we bring the extra know-how and a dynamic external viewpoint. Together, we make your wellness offering profitable.

Benefits for wellness managers

Benefits for general managers


Sofitel Luxury Hotels

Sofitel Luxury Hotels turned to Spa Balance’s founding director Sonal Uberoi to spearhead their wellness offering. She oversaw a 36% increase in ASPAC cumulative total wellness revenue and a 62% increase in total profit.

How we work with you

One of the team

We get involved in the intracacies of your business and guide you through the best way to maximise revenue. We’re another member of your team, but with a different perspective. We can work both on-site and remotely, depending on your location and your hotel’s reality.

+6 month projects

We aim to be involved at all stages of a project, from start to end. We therefore usually work with you for a minimum of a six month period to ensure we deliver the increase in profit that you need and that your team is confident. We deliver results – not just ideas or promises.

Practical strategies

We’ve worked with + 40 wellness facilities around the globe so we know what will make wellness profitable – and what won’t. We’re ambitious to get results, but we’re also realistic about what growth can be achieved in a given period in a specific location.

Sonal Uberoi, Founding Director, Spa Balance

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