Spa Balance

11. Brave Leaders – Vulnerable, Human and Empathetic with Michael Vaz

This episode is about leadership. What core skill does today’s hospitality leader need to equip themselves with in order to successfully take our industry to the next level? 

To say we’re living truly unique times is an understatement. However, as unique as they are, we’re living truly game-changing times. 

There are few times in history where we get the chance to rewrite the rules of the game – this time with intention and heart. And that starts from the top of our organisations: from our leaders.

In today’s episode, I’d like to share the interview I had with a dynamic and bold leader, Michael Vaz – one of the best speakers I’ve seen on stage. I had the pleasure of working with Michael back in my Macau days, when way back then Michael was always insisting on building a culture that promoted a sustainable work environment for our teams so that our people could create some sort of work-life balance. The 12-14 hour shifts leaders need to pull in hospitality is, to paraphrase Michael, downright unhealthy.

Without further ado, here is the heartening interview with Michael.

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