Spa Balance

32. Mastering the Descent: Navigating the Slope to the Valley of Despair

The 3 reasons why 97% of wellness leaders in hospitality oversee wellness offerings that don’t make more than 1-3% of total hotel revenue are the following:

1. We bet on the wrong horse (we saw this last week)

We bet on the wrong wellness concept. And that is because we aren’t taught how to write a concept, let alone create the right wellness concept for a particular hotel.

2. We then don’t know how to ride that horse

Not only do we not get the concept right from the get go, we then struggle with the implementation of the wellness concept.

3. We don’t stay the course (I’ll be talking more about this next Thursday)

We don’t see our wellness concept past the finish line.

And why does it matter if we can’t ride that horse? It matters because when we try to figure out the implementation of our wellness concept on the fly, it is the number one reason why most wellness leaders suffer a high burnout rate.

We become reactive, we become desperate to fix things that we think aren’t working. This is why even wellness concepts that are assets from the get go, never go beyond 1-3% of total hotel revenue.

Join me in this episode as I talk about the importance of SKILLFUL implementation of our wellness concepts, and how we can do that. 

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