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34. 5 Must Avoid Pitfalls for Wellness Leaders

Are you a wellness leader striving for excellence? 

Then you this episode is for you! I delve into the 5 crucial pitfalls that every wellness leader must steer clear of to thrive in their role.

The reason I know these pitfalls can be fatal is because I, myself, have fallen into the trap of each and every one of them, and on several occasions over my 20+ years in this industry.

Why does it matter we avoid these pitfalls?

Because when we repeatedly make these mistakes across the board and over the years, we inadvertently set ourselves up for failure. We set wellness up for failure. And that is why 97% of wellness leaders in hotels, even the most prominent ones, don’t manage wellness offerings that represent more than 1-3% of total hotel revenue.

In this episode, I explore key strategies and insights to help you navigate challenges, enhance your leadership, and achieve success in the competitive world of wellness leadership within hotels.

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