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35. The Wellness Director’s Pitfall – Settling for Good Enough

As a wellness leader, have you settled for good enough? Are you at the top of the ladder, have a few openings under your belt, plus the experience over a few continents and have a salary that only the top 5% of wellness leaders get paid around the world?

Then this episode is for you! This episode is also for you if you are someone who has reached to the very top of what you thought was possible being a wellness leader in a hotel.

Today I delve into what I call the Wellness Director’s ‘good enough’ trap. That complacency trap where if things are going great, then there is no need to do better – that false belief that there is still room for us to substantially stretch ourselves beyond what we thought was possible, and experiencing exponential growth.

In this episode, I address the elephant in the room, so to speak. I raise the question: What if the revenue from our wellness offering doubled from one next year to the next? Are we wellness leaders genuinely equipped to successfully and strategically manage this growth?

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