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37. Why Are Wellness Leaders The Lowest Paid Specialist Leader in Hotels?

Why are wellness leaders the lowest paid specialist leaders in hotels?

Have you wondered why?

If we look at what factors influence the decision of benchmarking what is considered a fair salary for a particular position, there are essentially 5 key factors when it comes to specialist leaders:

  1. Education & Experience
  2. Impact & Responsibility
  3. Craftsmanship & ‘Superpowers’
  4. Passion & Dedication
  5. Financial Contribution

Now, if we were to systematically work through each of these factors, we’d see that if we put our main direct-revenue generating, operations specialist leaders on the balance: Directors of Rooms, Food & Beverage and Wellness, we’d realise that wellness leaders are actually on par with their peers.

Yet, wellness leaders are paid substantially less than their fellow specialist leaders!

Why is that the case? What am I missing?

In today’s episode I unravel this topic and systematically work through each of the key factors to decipher why wellness leaders are the lowest paid specialist leader in hotels.

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