Spa Balance

4. The ESSENCE Model for Bold Hoteliers

How can you create a wellness asset that generates profits in the post-pandemic world? Here are the seven ESSENCE principles that show you the steps you can take right away to create a wellness concept that adds value to your hotel and helps you build a committed and loyal customer base. 

Does this sound familiar? You hire a great wellness director or a star therapist to turn your wellness business around. They highlight all the things you’ve been doing wrong and suggest changes that sound fantastic. You give them the go-ahead. Things seem great… but one day they leave, and so does your entire concept. I hear about cases like this all the time.

In today’s episode, I will address these common pitfalls and show you how you can bypass them and get wellness right while also making money. I will teach you the key frameworks you need to create a profitable wellness asset – one that you, your guests, your teams and your owners love and one that will last well beyond your star therapist, spa manager or wellness director’s tenure in this property. 

I will teach you my proprietary ESSENCE model.

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