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40. Mastering The Essential Skill – A Must for Wellness Leaders in Hospitality

What is the most essential skill every wellness leader must develop, particularly in the hospitality industry?

No – it’s not finance skills. 

No – it’s not having grand facilities, great teams, top brands and state-of-the-art equipment.

And no – it’s not being the cat’s meow or dog’s bullocks of wellness.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these skills aren’t important.

Of course it is important to have basic finance skills. As a leader of any business you must know how to read the numbers.

Of course it’s important to have decent facilities and engaged and motivated teams. No business on the planet would work (I’m talking about sustainably into the future), without this basic.

And of course you need to your craft. If you’re managing a wellness business then you clearly have to know at least the basic notions of wellness.

But each of these skills, and in the case of facilities and teams, the infrastructure, on their own, aren’t ESSENTIAL for the success of your wellness business. And when I talk about success, it means to generate more than 1-3% of total hotel revenue.

You need develop a much more impact-making skill – that of designing the RIGHT wellness concept for whatever property you will work at.

Only once you develop and hone this skill will you be able to be that highly paid and highly respected wellness leader you yearn to be.

In today’s episode, I delve into the common skills myths our wellness leaders fall victim to, and how we can change the current situation of wellness in hospitality. How we can take wellness way beyond 1-3% of total hotel revenue and how we can become that highly paid and highly respected specialist leader we all deserve to become.

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