Spa Balance

55. The Problem With Knowing It All

Have you ever found yourself say: “I know that!”?

Well, today I’d like to talk about the problem with supposedly “knowing it all”. 

Now, I’m sure we’ve all lived situations where we’ve been humbled. 

Where we thought we knew it all, and in the end we realized we really didn’t. 

There was something we didn’t know, or there was something we missed, and we would have probably picked on that thing had we not been so complacent.

Today I’d like to extrapolate this notion of “knowing it all” into the design and creation of wellness concepts, and how detrimental that way of thinking can be on the overall project.

Because it is one thing to know something, to have done it several times before.

It is quite another when you become so familiar with having done that thing that it becomes almost automatic.

It is here when you enter the danger zone – that zone when you overlook important details that can have a huge negative knock-on effect on the rest of the project.

In today’s episode I’d like to talk about the problem with “knowing it all”.

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