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8. The Investor’s Lens – How Investible is Wellness in Hospitality with James Church

How investible is the hospitality industry? And more specifically, how investible is wellness in hospitality? How investable an industry is, is a good barometer of the general confidence in an industry to not only survive a rough period, which the hospitality industry has clearly demonstrated its resilience on several occasions in the last 100 years, but also its capacity to innovate and move with times, instead of becoming the likes of Blackberry, Kodak and Blockbusters. It is in this area where hospitality could learn from other, less established but more agile businesses.

Data shows that there was around a 60% reduction in the hotel investment in 2020 vs 2019 because of the pandemic. But that still equated to over 10 billion euros of investment for the sector across Europe. So there’s still plenty of money out there, the question is how can hospitality access it. This is the question I posed James Church, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Robot Mascot, a firm that specialises in helping founders with their funding strategy.

Here is my full interview with James.

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