Spa Balance

Project Skill: Conceptual Design and Business Plan

Spa Balance worked as the lead consultant on two new projects in the Middle East. Though a politically complex environment for business, Spa Balance was able to operate smoothly and minimise project disruptions thanks to its cross-cultural savvy and awareness of potential issues.

In Lebanon, Spa Balance was tasked with transforming a low cost fitness centre into a state of the art, luxurious lifestyle spa. Our approach was to drastically but successfully redistribute the space and adapt the client flow, avoiding costly structural changes. Once the setup was in place, Spa Balance started with the operational critical path.

In Syria the project involved refurbishing a traditional 13th century Hammam. The challenge here was twofold: to update the building while respecting its architectural integrity, and to culturally revive the image of the Hammam as a refined and beautiful place of communal gathering.

Due to political unrest and war in the region these projects are currently on hold.