Spa Balance

Project Skill: Business Optimisation

The challenge:

The Spanish hotel chain had created its own spa brand Yhi Spa, for the increasing number of hotels in its portfolio that were required to add spa and other wellness-related facilities in they properties. The global launch of the Yhi Spa brand was successful. However, the challenge now was to create a centralised hub to extend support to each of the hotels – those already up and running as well as those in the global pipeline. The hotel chain hired Spa Balance’s founder Sonal Uberoi to help them.

The approach:

The hotel had invested in creating clear brand guidelines, which we decided to use as a base to build the operational system. For the projects that were already up and running, we opted to start with the spas in Spain first and after fine-tuning the sytem, then rolling out globally. We introduced a new yield management system, the KPI dashboard, streamlined the treatment menu, and established a pricing strategy. As each region had different market realities and the hotels in the portfolio were diverse (urban, resort, seasonal, etc.), it was important that each hotel had the flexibility to choose which offering was relevant to its destination.

For the projects that were in the pipeline, we drafted a Yhi Spa project kit which the design team could use in the initial pitching phase to remove the initial bottle necks that were being experienced.

The outcome:

All projects, both operational and in the pipeline, had a clear system to follow as well as the necessary support from the centralised hub. With this clarity, we were able to hire and train and Global Operations Director to takeover and successfully rollout the structure worldwide. As a consequence, a new global spa department was established.