Revisiting Top Health and Travel Trends in 2012


This month, we are featuring a series of posts where we will look at the most important trends surrounding the spa and wellness industries. In particular, we will discuss the trends that defined our industry in 2012 as well as those that are likely to shape the future of it in 2013.

In the following lines, we will revisit the top 10 health and travel trends in 2012 to see what really happened this year. We will use as a reference point some of the predictions provided last year by an article posted on the Health and Fitness Travel site: Top Wellness Travel Trends for 2012. Let’s see which trend predictions turned out to be accurate this year.


Spa and Culture

Health and Fitness Travel was right on target with this prediction. Today, more and more spas are getting very creative in terms of offering something different and authentic. It is very rare, in fact, to see a spa treatment menu without an indigenous treatment on it.


Bootcamp for the Soul

People want to be healthy in a nice looking environment and without having to resort to the bootcamp way of doing things. The search for a ‘gentler approach’ has become a top priority amongst spa goers. This trend was definitely accurate.


Age Adapted Spas

There has been a significant increase in the way spas are jumping on the opportunity to cater for the ageing baby boomer. This concept has taken advantage of the new synergies the spa industry is forging with the health field as well as our increasing desire to cater to the actual socio-demographics in both developed and developing countries.


Holidaying with Health Gurus

With the regular consumer getting more health and spa savvy, “more people want to receive dedicated support and guidance from the best in the industry.” The spa industry has embraced this reality and we see more spas connecting health benefits with the services they provide.


Nutrition as a Foundation

Considering nutrition is the base of any wellness programme, we see this trend as something that will continue to take importance in the future. This trend is closely linked with the increasing health-related, innovative and holistic approach several spas are embracing around the world.


Health and Fitness Consultations

We can now see the rising of the lifestyle spa concept. Again, the comprehensive approach taken by several spas is helping the customer to take advantage of tailour-made programmes capable of delivering results for very specific lifestyle goals.


Social Spa-ing

This prediction gained lots of room this year. More and more spas are bringing together the intimate and social aspect. Socialising activities such as communal bathing and cleansing became a major trend in our industry and we expect this to continue in 2013.


Healthy Ageing

The closer our industry gets to the health field, the bigger the room for our industry to seize this business opportunity. Considering today’s 50+ travelers are no longer concerned about reducing wrinkles but rather about “health enhancement and disease prevention,” those spas capable of offering these kinds of services will consolidate this trend as a prosperous niche in our industry.


Family wellness

As more families continue to search for wellness holidays, where parents enjoy spa treatments while their children stay active and eat healthy, we may well see a significant gain next year in these kinds of family packages. One of the most important benefits the spa industry can obtain from this trend relies on the fact that it provides an early exposure to the future generation of spa goers. Similarly, it offers a great opportunity for dealing with obesity-related problems. By encouraging healthy eating amongst younger visitors, family wellness could play an important role in the fight against obesity.


Health concerns

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the negative effects provoked by current health issues such as obesity and stress. Consequently, more and more spas are currently offering holistic treatments aimed at tackling health related problems caused by poor lifestyle routines. As people continue to embrace healthier lifestyles, this trend will continue to grow in the future.

As we have seen, 2012 was a prosperous, dynamic year for the spa industry. The trends that were predicted at the beginning of the year were met by the spa industry thanks to its increasing commitment to comprehensive approaches based on innovation, prevention and health enhancement. All things considered, this commitment is by itself the biggest trend that defined our industry in 2012 and the one that will continue to shape our future next year.

By Sonal

Sonal Uberoi creates and delivers smarter spas around the world. Spas and hotel groups hire Sonal to help them design, set up and manage their wellness businesses. Her finance background and worldwide operations experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors make Sonal the go-to expert for business optimisation solutions. Connect with Sonal on LinkedIn

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