We are a small and dedicated team with a worldwide track record and deep knowledge of the spa, wellness and beauty sectors. We specialise in spa management, operational set-ups, business optimisation solutions and training.

Sonal Uberoi

Sonal has extensive operations and management experience in the spa and wellness sectors. Born in Kenya, of Indian origin, she has worked across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Sonal brings a uniquely global skill set and creative outlook to any project she takes on.

A law graduate, she honed her business and finance acumen working in London for the global investment firm Goldman Sachs. She eventually left the finance world to focus on building a business sparked by a powerful idea: to apply the preventive health model to the spa, beauty and wellness sectors. Her idea turned reality when she founded her consultancy, Spa Balance, in 2008.

Based on insights culled from diverse collaborations with highly qualified teams of international experts and her vast industry experience, Sonal has crafted a training as unique as her vision: hands-on, flexible and highly operational in outlook – it is specifically tailoured to address the needs of spa, beauty and wellness professionals.

Sonal is also a frequent speaker at international trade events and conferences.

Sonal Uberoi

Owner & founding director
Spas and hotel groups hire Sonal to help them design, set up and manage their spa businesses. Her unique finance background and diverse skillset combined with worldwide experience make Sonal the go-to expert for spa optimisation solutions. Touch base with Sonal.
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Pilar Santiago

Pilar Santiago

Therapies director
Pilar has recently created a unique healing therapy combining the ancient techniques of Shiatsu with laser therapy to strengthen one’s immune and auto-regulation systems. For more information, email Pilar.

Pilar Santiago

Pilar has more than 20 years experience in numerous types of healing arts and manual therapies. Born in Spain, and lived in the US, she has worked across central, south and north America, Europe and Asia. Pilar brings a unique and holistic touch to her role through her passion: helping people live a better lifestyle.

A photographer by profession, Pilar decided to move on and embark on her journey of healing others. A certified therapist, her studies and experience include reflexology, lymphatic drainage, cranio sacral therapy, deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy, and skin care. Pilar is also a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master and practitioner. She has studied spirituality and meditation with Sant Rajiuder Singh Ti Mahraj and has travelled throughout India studying different approaches to meditation and relaxation.

Pilar has worked in many spas, hotels, and healing centers around the world. Since taking her first LaStone Therapy class with Mary D. Nelson, it has been Pilar’s desire to share this profound gift with anyone on this planet.


Our values


1Quality is at the core of our philosophy. We strive to be impeccable in all aspects of our work, from designing tailoured and innovative solutions right through to the service we deliver. Our main focus is to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations, always.


2The world is constantly changing and so are the needs of businesses. We are flexible and agile. We love change, and we welcome it. But we are thoughtful in how we adapt to change, always making sure we end up better and smarter.


3We believe in creating win-win situations for all parties involved. We are generous with our know-how, time and network, and we encourage all our partners to do the same. It is the only way to prosper and advance in business.

Open Communication

4Transparency is the key to developing fruitful and lasting relationships. Our philosophy is to treat others the way we would like to be treated. We strive for open and respectful communication with everyone we interact with.

Game Changer

5The spa and wellness sectors are competitive and experiencing rapid growth. This requires sharp thinking and an open mindset. We are game changers; we are willing to define and redefine the sectors we compete in. We are brave and creative, and we don’t shy away from innovating.


6We are dedicated to our projects from start to end, and beyond. We believe in what we do, and more importantly, we know what we are doing. We treat the project of every client as if it were ours, and we stay committed, no matter what the challenges.


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