Spa Balance

“Wellness is not an add-on; it’s a crucial part of the overall hospitality experience. Hotels should find creative ways to bring wellness professionals into the main hotel space physically and digitally, including social media, websites, and PR efforts.” – Maria Pajares.

Today I’d like to talk about the role of PR and sales and marketing in the hospitality industry, specifically when it comes to navigating consumer trends and the challenges both hoteliers and agencies face when it comes to their PR initiatives.

And to shed light on this subject, I couldn’t have picked a more seasoned, delightful and experience professional – Maria Pajares.

Maria, founder of Mason Rose a PR agency based in the UK, is an amazing source of information and wisdom. I was lucky enough to have her speak at my first virtual wellness summit, The Wellness in Hospitality Spotlight in June this year.

What I loved about our discussion is how consumers actually want to see who the wellness professionals are. Traditionally, in hotels, it has always been about show casing the chef. But rarely do hotels show case their wellness people – the very people who actually have the power to transform guest experiences in our hotels.