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The ESSENCE scorecard

A 'snapshot' of your wellness business in 5 minutes

Get an accurate temperature reading of where your business is at today

How is your wellness offering performing?

In order to transform your wellness business, it’s important to know where you are at.

The ESSENCE scorecard has been specially designed to provide you with an accurate temperature reading of where your business is at right now.

You don’t need to do any preparation, it’s just a simple series of questions (24 to be precise) targetted at giving you the most meaningful “snapshot” of where you are and where your potential opportunities lie. Answer the questions honestly to get an accurate reading. You’ll get an indepth report highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses around your wellness offering today and what areas you can improve on as you read along.

It’s a great (and free!) tool that serves as a quick but effective internal self-audit; it gives you and your team the opportunity to learn more about your capability to create a profitable wellness asset at this present moment.


The ESSENCE model

Your fast-track to profitability

The ESSENCE model is a step-by-step process that shows hoteliers how to build a successful wellness offering – from a rough wellness idea to a profit-generating wellness asset.

The ESSENCE Scorecard follows my ESSENCE methodology, a tried and tested way of creating a wellness asset that futureproofs your hotel. There are seven steps in the methodology: Expectation, Story, System, Execution, Navigation, Consistency and Engagement.

You will find three questions under each step, as well as some additional questions under the General section. Answer them honestly so that you get an accurate benchmark. 

Let’s begin!


Get a clear 'snapshot' of your wellness business

Learn where your weaknesses lie so you can take the right actions to turn your business around

Know your strengths so that you and your team can continue to leverage them

Get a practical roadmap to keep your team focused on the big picture

Save time and money working on what you really need to, instead of what you think you need to