Spas and Floor Design: The Importance of a Coherent Spatial Distribution

In some of our recent posts, we have written about different elements dealing with the operational aspects that surround spas. From revenue management to treatment menu engineering, our posts have explored the importance of developing an efficient business model and strategy for your spa.

This time, we would like to discuss another crucial aspect surrounding the success of any given spa: The conceptual design of the spa’s physical structure. In this post we will take a closer look at this element that is of vital importance and that could potentially make the difference between failure and success.

Getting The Right Support

There are two kinds of professionals that can help you to build a successful business: The consultant and the spa designer. During the conception of the spa, the consultant can guide you in the right direction regarding the implementation of the business plan and the concept that defines your spa. Besides this, the consultant can help you avoid the ‘fake’ consulting that very often is provided by product and equipment suppliers whose plan of action is mostly based on the profits generated by the sales of their goods.

Once you have implemented a business plan that takes into consideration different variables such as your spa’s goals and concept as well as the projected client experience, you are ready to jump into the physical aspect of your structure. To handle this delicate phase in a successful way, the spa designer can provide you with the right balance that your physical space needs in order to bring into action the plan that was previously conceived.

Spa Floor Design – Best Practices

The set of best practices to follow when conceiving and designing the spa floor are based on a careful consideration of different operational factors. Some of the most important elements to analyze include the visit pattern, the balance of energy within the structure, and the client’s perception.

According to Sam Margulies, an expert in spa design, “The best design process is to create a typical visit pattern, and conceive the floor plan according to the visit pattern”. In other words, the floor plan needs to be accommodated to the way you want to take your visitor all the way from the check-in until the moment the client leaves the door of the spa.

Along those lines, the spa needs to create the right balance between Income Generator (IG) areas (e.g. treatment rooms, retail zones) and Non Income Generator (NIG) areas (e.g. bathrooms, locker rooms).  Without a proper balance between IG and NIG areas, the spa is doomed to fail. As stated by Sam Margulies, “If your floor plan is not optimizing the ‘utilization rate’ of the surface within an intelligent traffic pattern, you will never be able to achieve a healthy business format”.

Managing the energy of the spa is another crucial element that deserves careful consideration. The spa needs to create a structure where areas of high-energy do not interfere with relaxing areas. The lack of a structure capable of balancing areas of energy, may lead to a bad experience for the client.

In the same way, the floor design needs to focus on the client’s perception. A spa with a hectic reception or small and crowded rooms has the potential to generate a bad experience for the client. As stated by Sam Margulies, “it is the perception of the client that prevails and that will decide the overall experience of the client”. Clients who leave the spa with a negative impression will not come back.

Besides all these aspects, the spa also has to analyze the main features of the retail space, the kind of technical requirements that are needed, and the type and dimension of the location where the spa is going to be placed.

An Essential Ingredient of The Business Plan

For all the consideration we mentioned above, the conception and design of the spa floor is an essential ingredient of the spa’s business plan. Without a structure capable of creating a coherent spatial distribution, the best business plan can fail. If your spa or wellness centre needs advice regarding the elaboration of a business plan or the conceptual design and spatial distribution, please feel free to contact us at: Our experts will be happy to assist you.

Source: ‘Spa Floor Plans, Conception & Design’ Sam Margulies. Spa Management.

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